And What Have You Done?

“And so this is Christmas

And what have you done?
Another year over
A new one begun”
To be quite honest, I don’t even know if I’ve got the words right. But they’ve really stuck with me and it started me reflecting about life.
It’s been a tough year for a lot of people, in a lot of ways. Including me. At least that’s what I thought until I started reflecting.
Recently I asked my Patty Cash Club to write down five things that have stopped them from achieving their goals this year. And then I asked them to write down five things that they have done towards achieving their goals this year. Some of them were honest enough to admit it was really easy to identify the things that have stopped them. But they have trouble identifying the good, the great, the amazing goals they’ve achieved, and also identifying the positive and achievements that has moved them forwards.
So, in reflecting on the words of the song going around in my head, I thought I’d spend some time identifying the things I’m happy about, grateful for, blessed by, thankful for, happy about, achieved – you get the picture.
Here’s just some of my list …
My dog Bikki – we got Bikki a year ago. He was a 4 year old retired show dog and he came with some issues. Part way through this year he “flipped out” and we spent months trying to help him. Turns out Bikki most likely had an infection in his brain. I’m most grateful to the vet who finally worked it out and turned his life around. I’m most grateful that he came through a much better dog, happier, solid and without brain damage. And I’m most grateful that we persevered, didn’t have to put him down and get to enjoy the beautiful little dog that he is.
My broken arm. This might sound funny, but I’m grateful that when I broke my elbow / wrist I had a clean break. No pins, no surgery, nowhere near the pain the doctors expected me to have. I’ve finished physiotherapy because I can now straighten it – woo hoo!
My husband and family – I am who I am because of them and the support they give me. I don’t know many people who have a husband like Warren that blesses me every day and encourages me to “go do my thing” and help people. One of my most treasured memories this year is of riding with Warren in the car in New Zealand and him saying to me during a conversation about my teaching, “You have a gift. I don’t know where it’s going, but you need to practice that gift. You’re changing people’s lives”.
Which of course brings me to something else I’m grateful for – knowledge, wisdom, education, opportunity and the amazing wonder of seeing people’s lives changed and watching them grow. Seeing people take a hold of their own dreams and doing something, anything, about them, fulfils my own dream of helping people.
Then there’s Deb & Jo – my two beautiful friends and accountability partners – and fun girls! These two have my back, and have walked with me now for a number of years. I’m also so grateful to their husbands, Nick & Dave, for allowing them soooo much time this year to spend with me – the men took care of the kids a lot so that we girls could be together. True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare, and these girls are the best.
I could go on and on, but here’s a bit of a summary … freedom, the country we live in, sunshine, rain, the weather warming up, my cat (also re-homed and now living like a princess!), a house to live in, food in my tummy, friends who have my back, the gardener who is mowing the lawns right now and making them look great, all the people who work in my business, clients, YOU …
The reality is, I’m R I C H! I am truly blessed.
“And so this is Christmas, and what have you done?”
How are you R I C H? What have you done this year? What have you achieved?
You see, I think you’re already R I C H, just like me. So please, take a moment, focus on all the great and positive things of this year.
I’d love to hear about the amazing things, the small things, the unusual things, the dreams you’ve fulfilled, the things you’re grateful and thankful for.
In fact, I’ve decided to start a trend of people being R I C H. Let’s put it out there. So please, go below, and share at least ONE thing that makes you R I C H.
I look forward to reading about what you have done!
Bless ya – HEAPS!
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