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It’s Valentine’s Day …

Happy Valentine's Day …

It's a great day to give gifts, and receive them … which makes this post particularly appropriate!

This year I've been sending you some steps to kickstart 2014.  It's time for …

Step Six – The One Thing YOU Must DO If You Wish To Be Successful …

A year or so ago a prominent, successful, Aussie millionaire businessman gave me a call.

"Jen" he said, "I don't know what's wrong, I used to have great cashflow, but things have become really tight and I can't work it out."

"May I ask you just one question?" was my reply

"Yes, of course" he said.

"Are you giving?" I asked.

Silence.  Then …

"No, I'm not.  I used to, all the time, but then things got a bit tight, and well, no, I haven't done so in a long time."

We then spent half an hour chatting about giving, and why you should give.  At the end of our conversation, I challenged him to start giving, immediately. 

He agreed to take up the challenge …

Putting it into Practice …

A few weeks later I got a call from my friend, and he was VERY excited.

"Jen, I did it.  I started giving.  Someone asked me to support them in a charity, and I just
handed over $500.  And then I gave a few hundred here, some more there … anyone who
asks, I've just been giving … and guess what????  My business is back on track!  Thank you!"

And every time I see or hear from that person, I hear the same story.  His business is
booming.  And the ONLY thing that changed … was him giving.

There is a huge power in giving.  Don't give to get, but expect the gift to be returned to you
in some way.

Unfortunately, most people seem to stop giving when finances appear tough.  I realise this
is a conundrum, but the truth is, this is when you need to give the most.

Would you do something for me right now?  Here goes … make a fist.  Now, try to put
something inside your fist.  You can't put anything into it, can you.

Now open it up.  Things can come and go easily from an open hand.

That's what giving is like.  If you close your fist and don't let anything out, nothing can get
in either. 

But if you open your hand and give things away, your hand is open to receive what comes
your way.

There is NO better gift than the gift of giving …

In fact, one of the most known phrases of all time, and I'm sure you know it, is …

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."

Oh, and one more thing … if somebody gifts you something – accept it graciously!  DO NOT
take away the blessing they receive from giving.

Want to be successful?  Be a giver …

Today, will you accept the challenge to give?  To open your fist and help others …

Here's a great place to start … please head over HERE and WATCH THIS VIDEO

And Remember …

There is ALWAYS someone worse off than you – give them a helping hand.

Bless ya!


PS  Missed the first five steps, or want a refresher?  Here's where you'll find them …

STEP ONE was about Defining Your Purpose – you can read it HERE

STEP TWO was about Setting Goals – you can read it HERE

STEP THREE gave you some ideas on how to Implement your Goals - HERE

STEP FOUR talked about Rewarding Yourself and Others – check it out HERE

STEP FIVE is When The Going Gets Tough – get going HERE

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The Best Laid Plans …

No matter what you do – be it property investing, run a business, trade in shares, work on your career path, plan a holiday … if you have a plan, or a goal, sometime, somewhere, along the way, you will hit a snag.

Just like I did last week when everything seemed to be working against me to do even the most basic stuff!

Today is the 31st January, and one month ago, I sent you FOUR STEPS to kickstart 2014.

STEP ONE was about Defining Your Purpose – you can read it HERE

STEP TWO was about Setting Goals – you can read it HERE

STEP THREE gave you some ideas on how to Implement your Goals – HERE

STEP FOUR talked about Rewarding Yourself and Others – check it out HERE

So, today, let's talk about overcoming the inevitable obstacles that will be put in the way of your goals, and how you can push through and move forward to success.

Step Five – When The Going Gets Tough …

When you have a goal you are passionate about, it can be totally inspiring and motivational. 

You eagerly do what needs to be done, and press forward often for hours because you are consistently focussed on achieving what you want.

Then WHAM!  Something comes along to interfere.

You may "freak" out at the enormity of what you are looking to achieve.

Or you meet with a negative response from someone whose opinion is really valuable to you.

Or perhaps some parts of your goal are dependent on others, and they let you down.

Or … or … or … something happens to stop you in your tracks.

What to do?

This is where most people give up. 

This is where the REALLY successful keep going.  They ask themselves the tough questions like "How can I achieve this?",  "What other ways can I move forward?",  "Who can I get on board to help me?", and  "Is there something else I can do today?".

There only needs to be one answer to any of these questions, and there you have it – your next step.

And here's another hint … surround yourself with a cheer squad … even if it is only one person who believes in you and what you are doing, CALL THEM!  Tell them where you are at and get them to cheer you on …

Putting it into Practice …

Honestly, I'm writing this for myself.  Over the past few months I've been working on a HUGE goal of raising one million dollars for charity before I turn 50 – in October 2015 (that's nearly two years away).

I've been working on this – I've called it Project50 – for a while now.  The website is up and running, as is the Facebook page.  The charities are on board.  I've got lots of people helping behind the scenes …

But the last few weeks have been TOUGH.

I've questioned whether it's possible.

I've realised I've bitten off more than I can possibly chew.

The enormity of the goal and the time frame hit me … HARD.

I'm still waiting on other people to get some stuff done  …

And I had a couple of people who's opinion I really value not just have a negative response, but have a negative reaction.  OUCH!

The best laid plans … can hit obstacles. 

So I phoned a friend.  John.  The same friend who had inspired me into doing this.  And he cheered me on.  Said he was on board.  Asked me how he could help.  And told me to just get on and do it.

My wonderful husband, Warren, told me he was proud of me and not to let anything or anybody stop me.

Then I happened to have a conversation with another amazing friend, Carlos, and he too, with his words and encouragement, indicated he was standing with me.

To top if off, I was having my hair done and the wonderful Mandy said, "Did I hear you say something about wanting 1,000 people to each donate $1,000 for charity?",  "Yep" I said, and then came…  "I'm in".  Just like that. 

OK, small confession here … things have been tough … I cried!

And after that, everything suddenly got easier.  There's lots of ways to do this, things to do, and, the amazing thing is, people are coming forward wanting to help and be one of the 1,000 donors.

Sooooooo ….

Who is on your cheer squad?  Share in the comments below who they are, and how they support you.  Be grateful for those people!

Write down ONE thing you can do today …

Now go do it!

And Remember …

Be someone's cheer squad TODAY.

Together, we can make a difference … regardless of the size of the goal!


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This One’s Fun! And Easy …

I hope you've been having a wonderful, relaxing week.

We had a wonderful day sailing yesterday, and today we are in Cairns before heading back to Brisbane later this evening.

We've worked on our tans, slept a lot, swam a lot, and relaxed a lot! 

All of this has been because we've been doing part of this next step … and yes, it's the fun stuff!

Step Four – Reward Yourself and Others …
Smile!  This really is the fun part!
Rewards and celebrations of your successes keep you moving forward.  Just as a child will clean their room so that they can enjoy a trip to the park, so you should have rewards that inspire you to do the work.
Reward yourself regularly – for the small achievements, the larger achievements, and, of course, the ultimate of achieving the goal!
Rewarding and celebrating is great, however, sharing your success with others is even greater!
Consider how you can spread your success, and benefit someone else – or even something else!  You may want to sponsor an animal, support a charity, or do something as simple as sharing a smile.

Putting it into Practice …

Grab that list of goals you wrote earlier …

For each goal, write at least FIVE rewards for achieving different parts of your goal …

The ultimate reward may actually be the fulfilment of the goal, particularly if it is related to something that means having fun, such as a holiday, or a trip to the spa, or tickets to a show or sport that you really enjoy.

Now work out at which stage of the action plan you will reward yourself for what you have achieved so far … and which reward you will enjoy at that time!

Lastly, write one thing for each goal that you can do for someone else or how you can share your success with others.

Oh, and make sure that you do ONE thing today from your action plan for each goal!

Tomorrow …

Have a rest!  It is the weekend … But make sure you do the ONE thing for each goal on your action list …

And on Sunday – have another rest … but still do that ONE thing for each goal … this is how great habits are formed …

And Remember …

Drop me a line in the comments below and let me know about your rewards.  Or you can share anything about your purpose, goals, action plans or rewards with us on Facebook …

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It’s YOUR Gift. Implement It …

I hope you're doing something you love to do today … we are …

We're off to spend the whole day sailing around the reef (that's the Great Barrier Reef) and snorkelling and eating and relaxing …

So, before I go, here's the next step for you …

Step Three – Implementing your Goals
Is your goal huge?  Do you have absolutely no idea how or even where to start?  Does it loom so large that you feel like turning away from it?
Well, hang in there, because this step will help to make it achievable.
A plan gives you small, achievable steps towards the goal.  It helps you to stay on track. It keeps you focussed.  It reminds you of what you want.
For example, if you wish to take the kids to Disneyland, get some brochures from a travel agent, or google the best time of year to go, or check out the cost of flights, or open a savings account, or choose a date… you get the drift.
Write as many things as possible that are small, and easily achieved, that take you towards the goal.  You may have to do some things before you can do others, so put them in order. Keep writing the list.
There’s your plan!  That’s how you achieve your goal. 
And then …
Take your Action Plan and do something every day.  It’s that simple!
As you see yourself achieving the small steps towards the bigger goal, you will feel inspired, motivated and passionate about moving forwards.

Putting it into Practice …

Grab that list of goals you wrote yesterday …

For each goal, write at least TEN small steps you could take immediately, or very quickly …

When you've done that, write another TEN!

You now have a plan for the next 20 days!

Now go do one thing for each goal … yep, right now!  And plan to do this first thing every day …

Tomorrow …

The fun stuff!  You'll have to wait and see what that it is, but I promise you it will be fun!

And Remember …

In the comments below, let me know what you did today towards your goals …

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Happy New Year. With Another Gift For You!

Well, it's New Year's DAY!

Happy New Year!

I hope you're doing something special today … we're in Port Douglas having a very relaxing time – tonight we are going on a sunset sail and doing more of the same – nothing!

How did you go with defining your purpose?

Here's the next step for you …

Step Two – Set Goals
It is important to set goals that take you towards your purpose.  Your goals can be around various areas – philanthropy, family, travel, career or business, relationships, to name a few.
When writing your goals, be specific, spend time on identifying what the goal will look like when it is achieved.  How will you know when you have achieved it?  When do you want to achieve it by?
The more specific you are, the more clarity you will have about what the goal will look like.  Clarity gives you focus.  And focus keeps you on track.
Writing your goals is an important step on the journey to achieving your lifestyle dreams because it assists your mind to believe that it is real and achievable.

Putting it into Practice …

It's time to take some more time out and make yourself comfortable – remember to remove all distractions!

Think about what you really want … and now write each of these as a goal.  Here's a sample of how to write a goal …

Start with the word "I"; then put in a verb (that's a "doing word"!) that indicates that you have already achieved the goal.  So pretend you have actually completed what you set out to achieve, and you are telling me about it … describe what you wish to achieve in detail, and then end with the date you wish to achieve it by.

Here's an example …

"I wrote a book on how to write goals, it became an international bestseller, and it was so easy!  I wrote it in one week, published it on Amazon as an ebook, and then was able to self-publish it in physical form.  I sold over 10,000 copies!  I made over $50,000, and I did all this before the end of February 2014!"

Your turn …

Write at least three goals for 2014 using the above format.

Tomorrow …

I'll send you an email about implementing your goals … stay tuned!  This is very important – it's no use having a goal and then doing nothing about it!

And Remember …

In the comments below, let me know your biggest goal!

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There’s One Last Gift To Get. Yours.

I got an email the other day.  From Apple.  And they had this statement in it …

"There's one last gift to get.  Yours."

Most of us put ourselves last.  We're the last person we take care off.  Before Christmas I volunteered to do some gift wrapping for charity.  In chatting to the customers, I discovered that most of them had gifts they wanted to receive.  When I suggested that they treat themselves, all of them shrugged it off. 

Apparently, it's not the done thing!

Well, it is the done thing in my world!  I'm not saying you have to go out and be silly, spend money you don't have, or be selfish.

What I am saying is that if you take care of yourself, then you are in a better position to take care of others, and that includes rewarding yourself when you achieve

Here's a gift you should definitely treat yourself to …

Do you dream of a different life?  A better life?  A great lifestyle?
Would you like to hang around with whomever you want to, do whatever you want, whenever you want, and however you like?

I read on Facebook the other day a comment by someone who was complaining about all the New Year's resolutions and the reminders at the moment to set your intentions for 2014.  After checking the person out, it was blatantly obvious that they were not living their dream life.

The best gift you can give yourself is some time to really focus on who you are, what you want, why you are here, and how you be a better person.  And the beginning of a new year is as good a time as any to do that!

I'm guessing my Facebook friend will have another bummer of a year, and will still be whining about their circumstances this time next year.

I'm hoping you, instead, will have a bumper of a year, and will be celebrating your successes this time next year.

Most people set New Year's resolutions, and never follow through on them.

So, my gift to you this New Year, and hopefully your gift to yourself, is to give you some ideas and ways to put yourself in the best position possible to achieve great things in 2014.

Over the next few days I'm going to send you some steps to planning 2014.

Let me know how you go with them!

Step One – Define Your Purpose
What are the things that make you really smile?  What are you really passionate about?  What would you do, day in, day out, just for the pure pleasure of doing it?  And what would you do for just love, not money?
If you could do, be, or have whatever you wanted, with no limitations, what would it be?
What would your life look like?
Each of us is a unique individual, with unique gifts, abilities, skills and passions. There is NO ONE else in the world like you.  There never has been, and there never will be.  And that means that YOU have a reason, a role, in this world.  You were born for now, for a purpose.

If you go through life being distracted by what society demands, or other people expect, or have to instead of want to, you are not living your purpose.
Sometimes people will tell you that it is selfish to live your dreams.  It is, however, more selfish, not to live your dreams.   When you deny your dreams, you take away the impact that you will have on others, and that takes away from their lives. 
Be brave, start living your purpose with courage, integrity and intention.
You will be amazed at what will happen when you start to live with purpose and intention.  And this, in turn, will inspire you to aim for bigger and better dreams,
and you will leave a positive, lasting legacy. 
You will inspire others.  You will feel great.  You will be who you were born to be.
Getting in touch with your purpose can take some time.  Just start the journey, the rest will follow.

Putting it into Practice …

Take some time out and make yourself comfortable – remove all distractions!

Write this question at the top of a blank sheet of paper …

"What do I really want to do, and what am I really passionate about?"

Write your answers!

When you have done that, write this question …

"Why do I want this?  What will it give me?  What do I get out of it?"

Keep asking that question for every answer you write – eventually this will lead
you to your purpose …

Tomorrow …

We'll chat about setting goals … stay tuned!

And Remember …

Write me a comment below and let me know what you came up with!

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Jennie Brown was recently featured in the December edition of NEWSWEEK

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Patty the Pig is Cracked!

At a recent Real Estate Investing Mastery weekend we cracked open Patty the Pig.
Patty was made out of paper mache in May 2011, and he has been the recipient of note only donations over the past year.  Based on an honesty system, clients have been filling him up whenever they are late, inappropriate, negative or just feel like being charitable.
This generosity of clients means that we have just made donations to three charities –
Enjoy the video!

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Quote of the Week

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Quote Of The Week

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