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What is The Wealth Retreat?

The Wealth Retreat is an overseas “experience”, held over a period of 7-9 days.  It is a journey comprising a combination of seminar, travel, five star luxury, networking and mindset shifts that can only be experienced during The Wealth Retreat.  

At the conclusion of The Wealth Retreat, you will have experienced a journey of clarity, and focus, and be ready to live a more purposeful, extraordinary and inspired life.  You will be excited and ready to share with those around you, creating positive legacies for yourself, your family, your friends and those you come in contact with.

It all starts with you arriving in a designated city, by a designated time, at a designated place.  We meet you there, and for the next 7-9 days we take care of absolutely everything, and especially YOU!

All accommodation, meals, experiences, transport – everything – is taken care off.  We do not tell you where you are going, what you are doing, or where you are staying.  You will be told things on an as need basis – this is all part of allowing you to develop and shift from where you are towards where you want to be.

At the conclusion of the experience, we deliver you to a pre-arranged point; usually the initial meeting point, sometimes a different city!

Sssshhhhhh … What happens on The Wealth Retreat stays on The Wealth Retreat!  But we can tell you that amazing experiences are had, you stay in beautiful places, we spoil you with abundance, you have the opportunity to give and share with others less fortunate, and you will be a better, more fulfilled, changed person at the conclusion.

When is the next Wealth Retreat?

Our next Wealth Retreat is in March 2014!

We know you want to know the destination, and we'll announce that soon, however, it's not about where we're going, it's all about the journey.

We can’t tell you what actually happens on The Wealth Retreat, but others can share their experience!

Here’s what participants had to say about The Wealth Retreat to Vietnam …

Deb TTDeb Lindner, Author and Speaker, enjoying a cyclo tour through the streets of Hanoi, says …

“Experiencing the Wealth Retreat is a life-changing experience. Before I went I was so busy and caught up with the pressures and stress of running my business and my life! Of course, Jen gave us the ultimate, luxurious retreat – we travelled 5-star all the way and experienced all the beauty that Vietnam offers. Just stunning.

But what was really powerful for me was the inner journey that Jen took us on…

The opportunity to take time out from my everyday life, invest time in 'me' was priceless. The opportunity to actually get super-clear about what 'true wealth' means to me and to intentionally set my life's priorities was invaluable. Thanks for your big vision Jen, and for sharing your gifts. I know it has truly made a difference for each and every one of us.”

Tosh BoatTosh Sturgess, Author and Speaker, living it up on Halong Bay, says

“The Jennie Brown Events 2011 Wealth Retreat to Vietnam was an outstanding experience for myself and for all involved. Having exclusive time to be up-close and personal with a leader and motivator such as Jennie Brown was such a rich experience.

The activities she planned and the person she is all rubbed off onto the participants, challenging us to go beyond where we were and empowering us to move on. Jennie has a way of disarming the limitations in people and helping them to find a way to get rid of their fear and limitation by themselves, without feeling pushed to grow.

Jennie is a remarkable person with a God given gift to help people reach their full potential. From my observation, every person that went on the 2011 Wealth Retreat was changed in a profound way.

Each person, especially myself, left the retreat wanting more but champing at the bit to go home because we had somehow grown in our potential.

I should also mention that the Wealth Retreat was the most FUN I had had in long time.

If you are considering going, just go, you will be glad you went! This is the kind of experience money cannot buy.”

And this from Shirley Ching … from her canoe in beautiful Halong Bay …

Shirley Kayak“Jennie Brown’s Vietnam Wealth Retreat in November 2011 is one of the most special and memorable experiences I’ve ever had. It was a fantastic holiday and so much more! The months leading up to the Wealth Retreat were shrouded in secrecy – Jennie is full of surprises and great at keeping secrets! All we knew of was a time, date and location for arrival.

There was five star luxury, exotic locations and exquisite cuisine. Yes, I might have been able to organise that kind of holiday on my own, but what I couldn’t have done on my own or even with friends and family was share in the journey that Jennie took us on.

What makes the Wealth Retreat an awesome experience is because it’s not just any ordinary five star holiday. It was a journey of personal growth in every facet of life – a journey filled with dreams, of achievement, of vulnerabilities and of philanthropy. All of this was made possible by Jennie and the special people I journeyed with. By experiencing the Wealth Retreat with like minded people, we each brought something that enriched one another’s lives.

What had begun as a simple holiday finished as a very special experience that had gone beyond my imaginations, exceeded my expectations and expanded my boundaries. I came back feeling energised, excited, refreshed, peaceful and abundant in every area of my life.

I recommend the Wealth Retreat to everyone. No matter where you are in life, you can always be better and dream bigger. The Wealth Retreat will help you do that and much much more – but ssshhhh, I can’t say too much because the rest is a secret!

Julie Clarke had this to say when she got back …


So … we know you have questions … here’s some commonly asked ones … with answers!

What’s included in The Wealth Retreat?

The Wedding» A "seminar experience" woven throughout an overseas location, local experiences, and covering three aspects – Purpose; Pleasure & Pamper; and Philanthropy – all designed to encourage you to live a more purposeful, extraordinary and inspired life. 

» Luxury Five Star Accommodation 

» All Meals, drinking water and non-alcoholic drinks 

» All transport, transfers and MANY special treats … 

What do I have to provide?

» Flights and personal travel arrangements to and from the designated meeting place – you may want to extend your trip and enjoy a stop over 

» Travel Insurance 

» Current Passport (must have at least 6 months validity after the trip) – yes, go get it NOW! 

» Spending money for any pressies, souvenirs or gifts you wish to personally purchase!

» Some countries require a Visa – this is your responsibility, however, we will assist you in obtaining what you require

How many participants are there?

“The Wealth Retreat” is LIMITED to 12 participants.  So you will be in a small, intimate, hands on group of like-minded individuals who are committed to excellence!

Do I have to share a room?

This is up to you.  We encourage you, for your own benefit, if you are traveling without a spouse/partner, to give yourself the privacy of an individual room.

If you wish to twin share with someone other than your spouse/partner then we are happy for you to twin share.  However, this option is only available if there is another person wishing to twin share.  

Please indicate if you would prefer to twin share, and if you do not have a person in mind to share with, we will advise of other same sex individuals who have also expressed an interest in twin share.

What about children?

No children under the age of 16 are permitted to attend or be part of the trip, and any child over the age of 16 who attends is at the sole responsibility and must be accompanied by a parent.  In addition, there are no discounts for children, and the child will attend as a full participant.

Can I extend my trip?

Absolutely!  Our Travel Agent, Belinda, can help you with side trips, flights and extensions of your trip.  These are at your own expense.  We would encourage you to extend – have a holiday and explore some new places!

What about flights?

The Cave

Flights are your responsibility.

Our travel agent, Belinda, is a whizz and usually finds highly discounted flights.  We just have to be patient!  We’ll let you know as soon as discounted air fares are available.

If you wish to side trip, then it will depend on where you go and how long you stay as to additional costs, which will be your expense

What’s the Cost?

As a general guide, for all Wealth Retreats, the cost depends on two factors – which Wealth Retreat you attend; and whether you choose single or twin share. To assist you in planning, prices vary from $8000 to $10,000 (including air fares, which are at your expense).

A non-refundable deposit of $1000 is payable to confirm your reservation on The Wealth Retreat.  We will then discuss an individual payment plan with you.  The payment plan must be completed and fully paid at least one month prior to commencement of “The Wealth Retreat”.

How do I sign up for “The Wealth Retreat”?

To attend The Wealth Retreat (and remember, there are ONLY 12 places for each destination), then you need to SIGN UP NOW! Upon receipt of your Registration, we will contact you, and explain the application process.

It's that simple!


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The Disclaimers and all that stuff …

This is a non-refundable experience.  As accommodation and travel are involved and must be booked in an individual's name, this is non-transferrable.  By signing up and commencing payments you agree to participate in the complete experience.

Should there be any issues with being unable to complete “The Wealth Retreat”, all efforts will be made by Jennie Brown Events to substitute a similar experience at another destination.


Would love to attend, but can’t make it this time around …

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