Flying High With Your Goals …

Ever experienced a realisation that you have, in fact, long ago achieved a goal, but you just hadn’t recognised it?

In the past two weeks I have had seven flights.  Well, actually, I’m writing this on my seventh flight!

First I flew from Brisbane to Melbourne, then from Melbourne to Brisbane.  Then Brisbane to Proserpine, then Proserpine to Brisbane.  Then Brisbane to Melbourne, Melbourne to Sydney, and now I’m travelling from Sydney to Brisbane.  Seven flights in two weeks!

And I have another two flights scheduled for next week …

When I was a kid, we drove everywhere.  And, because we lived in Parkes, in central New South Wales, driving anywhere was an expedition.
It took us five hours to travel from Parkes to Sydney.  Sydney was where some of our grandparents lived, so we did that trip a number of times.  We went to Melbourne.  We drove to Lightning Ridge.  Went to Bourke.  Travelled up to Dubbo.  Spent time in Orange.  Went to Queensland.
My Dad enjoyed driving, so we were often going somewhere.  And that meant long hours in the car.  Which I found boring.

I probably sent my parents crazy with my constant “Are we there yet?”

And so was born in me the desire to get to places quickly, and that meant flying.  I dreamt about being wealthy enough to fly.  To get there quickly.  To cover vast distances.

On one of my recent flights, I think somewhere between Brisbane and Proserpine, I had a revelation.

I’ve achieved my goal of flying instead of driving.  I don’t remember the last time I had a long road trip.  Instead, I just hop on a plane and off I go.

In fact, I fly so often now that I’m dreaming up a new goal.  I want to get there quicker, with no hanging around airports, so I’m really believing in some new amazing space travel!  A private jet would do in the meantime though.  Or a helicopter …

Dreams do come true, and so do goals.  I know from personal experience that writing down goals is important.  I know that the most successful people write their goals.
But I also know that just being intentional and dreaming about something can bring it into reality.  Like my dream of flying.
What dream did you have a as a child that you have fulfilled as an adult?  Have a think about it, and share it below …
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