Happy New Year. With Another Gift For You!

Well, it's New Year's DAY!

Happy New Year!

I hope you're doing something special today … we're in Port Douglas having a very relaxing time – tonight we are going on a sunset sail and doing more of the same – nothing!

How did you go with defining your purpose?

Here's the next step for you …

Step Two – Set Goals
It is important to set goals that take you towards your purpose.  Your goals can be around various areas – philanthropy, family, travel, career or business, relationships, to name a few.
When writing your goals, be specific, spend time on identifying what the goal will look like when it is achieved.  How will you know when you have achieved it?  When do you want to achieve it by?
The more specific you are, the more clarity you will have about what the goal will look like.  Clarity gives you focus.  And focus keeps you on track.
Writing your goals is an important step on the journey to achieving your lifestyle dreams because it assists your mind to believe that it is real and achievable.

Putting it into Practice …

It's time to take some more time out and make yourself comfortable – remember to remove all distractions!

Think about what you really want … and now write each of these as a goal.  Here's a sample of how to write a goal …

Start with the word "I"; then put in a verb (that's a "doing word"!) that indicates that you have already achieved the goal.  So pretend you have actually completed what you set out to achieve, and you are telling me about it … describe what you wish to achieve in detail, and then end with the date you wish to achieve it by.

Here's an example …

"I wrote a book on how to write goals, it became an international bestseller, and it was so easy!  I wrote it in one week, published it on Amazon as an ebook, and then was able to self-publish it in physical form.  I sold over 10,000 copies!  I made over $50,000, and I did all this before the end of February 2014!"

Your turn …

Write at least three goals for 2014 using the above format.

Tomorrow …

I'll send you an email about implementing your goals … stay tuned!  This is very important – it's no use having a goal and then doing nothing about it!

And Remember …

In the comments below, let me know your biggest goal!

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