Italy – and the Inspirational Legacy of Others

As I write this I’m sitting in an Fransiscan Abbey in Italy. We’re actually staying here – the building was built somewhere around the late 1400’s. It’s quiet, serene, beautiful and inspiring.
When I wrote the first post about Legacy (you can read it here), I had just returned from a very relaxing holiday in Fiji which included a week with my two accountability partners and best buds, Deb & Jo, and our families.
When I wrote the second post about Legacy (you can read it here), I was just about to jump on a plane to Italy.
And now I’m in Italy, and I’m feeling inspired to write a third post about Legacy!
Because whilst I’ve been here in Italy, I’ve realised something else about legacy …
Let me explain.
We’re travelling all over Italy. We started our trip in Florence. And on one of our nights there, we had the awesome privilege of having dinner.
Not just any dinner.
This was in Florence.
In the Museum of Academia.
In a very special area …
In fact, we had dinner served to us at the feet of Michelangelo’s statue of David …
Yep, for real! 

Just to prove it, here’s a photo … that’s me, dressed in black, in the bottom right hand corner …

OK, so a photo really doesn’t do this justice.
When I walked into the room, and saw David, it took my breath away. I just wanted to sit in silence and bask in the moment. The world slipped away and I literally sat at the feet of the statue drinking it all in.
It is one of the most memorable moments I have ever had.
Imagine … what if Michelangelo had NOT followed his calling. What if he had NOT become a sculptor.
We would have been cheated out of so much …
Off to the side of the Great Hall where David stands, there’s another room. And again, I stood in awe at what was on offer …
These are by Bartolini.
And they are just SOME of what he sculpted!
What an amazing legacy …
What are you NOT doing today that could be inspiring someone else?
Sure, you may not be Michelangelo or Bartolini … but YOU are influencing the people around you – your parents, your children, your friends, your colleagues …
Don’t cheat yourself and others …
Step up! 
Just as Michelangelo is still inspiring people today,
you too can inspire someone for years to come …
So stop putting off your dreams and desires and get going on whatever it is that you are passionate about …
Bless ya
PS What’s your passion? Do you even know what it is? Share it in the comments section below … and start living it! 
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