It’s Valentine’s Day …

Happy Valentine's Day …

It's a great day to give gifts, and receive them … which makes this post particularly appropriate!

This year I've been sending you some steps to kickstart 2014.  It's time for …

Step Six – The One Thing YOU Must DO If You Wish To Be Successful …

A year or so ago a prominent, successful, Aussie millionaire businessman gave me a call.

"Jen" he said, "I don't know what's wrong, I used to have great cashflow, but things have become really tight and I can't work it out."

"May I ask you just one question?" was my reply

"Yes, of course" he said.

"Are you giving?" I asked.

Silence.  Then …

"No, I'm not.  I used to, all the time, but then things got a bit tight, and well, no, I haven't done so in a long time."

We then spent half an hour chatting about giving, and why you should give.  At the end of our conversation, I challenged him to start giving, immediately. 

He agreed to take up the challenge …

Putting it into Practice …

A few weeks later I got a call from my friend, and he was VERY excited.

"Jen, I did it.  I started giving.  Someone asked me to support them in a charity, and I just
handed over $500.  And then I gave a few hundred here, some more there … anyone who
asks, I've just been giving … and guess what????  My business is back on track!  Thank you!"

And every time I see or hear from that person, I hear the same story.  His business is
booming.  And the ONLY thing that changed … was him giving.

There is a huge power in giving.  Don't give to get, but expect the gift to be returned to you
in some way.

Unfortunately, most people seem to stop giving when finances appear tough.  I realise this
is a conundrum, but the truth is, this is when you need to give the most.

Would you do something for me right now?  Here goes … make a fist.  Now, try to put
something inside your fist.  You can't put anything into it, can you.

Now open it up.  Things can come and go easily from an open hand.

That's what giving is like.  If you close your fist and don't let anything out, nothing can get
in either. 

But if you open your hand and give things away, your hand is open to receive what comes
your way.

There is NO better gift than the gift of giving …

In fact, one of the most known phrases of all time, and I'm sure you know it, is …

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."

Oh, and one more thing … if somebody gifts you something – accept it graciously!  DO NOT
take away the blessing they receive from giving.

Want to be successful?  Be a giver …

Today, will you accept the challenge to give?  To open your fist and help others …

Here's a great place to start … please head over HERE and WATCH THIS VIDEO

And Remember …

There is ALWAYS someone worse off than you – give them a helping hand.

Bless ya!


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