The Best Laid Plans …

No matter what you do – be it property investing, run a business, trade in shares, work on your career path, plan a holiday … if you have a plan, or a goal, sometime, somewhere, along the way, you will hit a snag.

Just like I did last week when everything seemed to be working against me to do even the most basic stuff!

Today is the 31st January, and one month ago, I sent you FOUR STEPS to kickstart 2014.

STEP ONE was about Defining Your Purpose – you can read it HERE

STEP TWO was about Setting Goals – you can read it HERE

STEP THREE gave you some ideas on how to Implement your Goals – HERE

STEP FOUR talked about Rewarding Yourself and Others – check it out HERE

So, today, let's talk about overcoming the inevitable obstacles that will be put in the way of your goals, and how you can push through and move forward to success.

Step Five – When The Going Gets Tough …

When you have a goal you are passionate about, it can be totally inspiring and motivational. 

You eagerly do what needs to be done, and press forward often for hours because you are consistently focussed on achieving what you want.

Then WHAM!  Something comes along to interfere.

You may "freak" out at the enormity of what you are looking to achieve.

Or you meet with a negative response from someone whose opinion is really valuable to you.

Or perhaps some parts of your goal are dependent on others, and they let you down.

Or … or … or … something happens to stop you in your tracks.

What to do?

This is where most people give up. 

This is where the REALLY successful keep going.  They ask themselves the tough questions like "How can I achieve this?",  "What other ways can I move forward?",  "Who can I get on board to help me?", and  "Is there something else I can do today?".

There only needs to be one answer to any of these questions, and there you have it – your next step.

And here's another hint … surround yourself with a cheer squad … even if it is only one person who believes in you and what you are doing, CALL THEM!  Tell them where you are at and get them to cheer you on …

Putting it into Practice …

Honestly, I'm writing this for myself.  Over the past few months I've been working on a HUGE goal of raising one million dollars for charity before I turn 50 – in October 2015 (that's nearly two years away).

I've been working on this – I've called it Project50 – for a while now.  The website is up and running, as is the Facebook page.  The charities are on board.  I've got lots of people helping behind the scenes …

But the last few weeks have been TOUGH.

I've questioned whether it's possible.

I've realised I've bitten off more than I can possibly chew.

The enormity of the goal and the time frame hit me … HARD.

I'm still waiting on other people to get some stuff done  …

And I had a couple of people who's opinion I really value not just have a negative response, but have a negative reaction.  OUCH!

The best laid plans … can hit obstacles. 

So I phoned a friend.  John.  The same friend who had inspired me into doing this.  And he cheered me on.  Said he was on board.  Asked me how he could help.  And told me to just get on and do it.

My wonderful husband, Warren, told me he was proud of me and not to let anything or anybody stop me.

Then I happened to have a conversation with another amazing friend, Carlos, and he too, with his words and encouragement, indicated he was standing with me.

To top if off, I was having my hair done and the wonderful Mandy said, "Did I hear you say something about wanting 1,000 people to each donate $1,000 for charity?",  "Yep" I said, and then came…  "I'm in".  Just like that. 

OK, small confession here … things have been tough … I cried!

And after that, everything suddenly got easier.  There's lots of ways to do this, things to do, and, the amazing thing is, people are coming forward wanting to help and be one of the 1,000 donors.

Sooooooo ….

Who is on your cheer squad?  Share in the comments below who they are, and how they support you.  Be grateful for those people!

Write down ONE thing you can do today …

Now go do it!

And Remember …

Be someone's cheer squad TODAY.

Together, we can make a difference … regardless of the size of the goal!


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