The Jet Setter Award

The other day I attended a Christmas breakup party.

Nothing unusual there – after all, it is the season!
Except that it was unusual.  I’m away travelling a lot, so I don’t often make it to these get togethers. 
Actually, I almost didn’t make it to this one.  I had just had two days of seminars on the Gold Coast, I was absolutely tired, and going out didn’t really appeal to me!
But I went.  And I’m so glad I did.
This party was hosted by Nhan Nguyen.  Nhan is the co-author of the best seller “Property Millionaire” book, a property investor, and a great seminar speaker.  It was Nhan’s Speakers, Supporters, Sponsors & Clients Christmas Party.  Or something like that! 
When I got to the party, I caught up with some old friends.  Chatted to people I hadn’t seen for ages.  Met people who are on my database but I’ve never physically spoken to.  And made some  new friends.  Awesome!
What I didn’t know was that the evening would have a profound effect … on me.
At one point, Nhan gathered us all around.  Made his Christmas speech.  Said he wanted to give out some Certificates and Awards to significant people.
He gave an award to his wife.  And his mentor.  And some clients.
I smiled and clapped and thought how great this all was.  And how great that Nhan wanted to honour the people who were significant in his life.
That’s when he announced that the next person had not one, but TWO awards!
Wow, that person must be pretty special … well, that’s what I thought … until he called out the person’s name …
Jennie Brown!
What?!  Me.
Yep.  Me.
OK, let’s digress for a moment.  I really do think I’m special!  And I’m sure my Mum and dog would agree!
But this wasn’t Mum.
I got the Super Organised Award.  I’ll let Nhan think I’m super organised, but here’s where I need to acknowledge people.
I’m an ideas person.  And I’m great at leverage.  So I “appear” super organised because I leverage off all the amazing people around me.  So that Award is really a group effort.
And then I got the Jet Setter Award
Granted, in the last six months I’ve been overseas on four different trips. 
A holiday in Fiji with Deb & Jo and our families. 
Nearly a month in Italy with Warren. 
Over to the USA to spend some time with the amazing internationally acclaimed and world leading speaker Brian Tracy. 
And just recently to Vietnam, where I took a bunch of clients on one of the best trips I have ever had – a life changing experience – The Wealth Retreat.
Nhan says he’s never sure where I am.  Or what trip I’m about to go on. Or come back from.
And that’s when it really hit me.
How thankful and grateful I am for opportunity.
To travel all around the world
To spend time with amazing people
To live in the best country in the world
On even the worst day, to be better off than most people in the rest of the world
To be able to bless others, impact their lives, and facilitate change in them
I could go on, but you get the drift.
So, what are you thankful and grateful for?  Take a quick moment to share what you are most thankful and grateful for this year in the comments section below.
Bless ya
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