This One’s Fun! And Easy …

I hope you've been having a wonderful, relaxing week.

We had a wonderful day sailing yesterday, and today we are in Cairns before heading back to Brisbane later this evening.

We've worked on our tans, slept a lot, swam a lot, and relaxed a lot! 

All of this has been because we've been doing part of this next step … and yes, it's the fun stuff!

Step Four – Reward Yourself and Others …
Smile!  This really is the fun part!
Rewards and celebrations of your successes keep you moving forward.  Just as a child will clean their room so that they can enjoy a trip to the park, so you should have rewards that inspire you to do the work.
Reward yourself regularly – for the small achievements, the larger achievements, and, of course, the ultimate of achieving the goal!
Rewarding and celebrating is great, however, sharing your success with others is even greater!
Consider how you can spread your success, and benefit someone else – or even something else!  You may want to sponsor an animal, support a charity, or do something as simple as sharing a smile.

Putting it into Practice …

Grab that list of goals you wrote earlier …

For each goal, write at least FIVE rewards for achieving different parts of your goal …

The ultimate reward may actually be the fulfilment of the goal, particularly if it is related to something that means having fun, such as a holiday, or a trip to the spa, or tickets to a show or sport that you really enjoy.

Now work out at which stage of the action plan you will reward yourself for what you have achieved so far … and which reward you will enjoy at that time!

Lastly, write one thing for each goal that you can do for someone else or how you can share your success with others.

Oh, and make sure that you do ONE thing today from your action plan for each goal!

Tomorrow …

Have a rest!  It is the weekend … But make sure you do the ONE thing for each goal on your action list …

And on Sunday – have another rest … but still do that ONE thing for each goal … this is how great habits are formed …

And Remember …

Drop me a line in the comments below and let me know about your rewards.  Or you can share anything about your purpose, goals, action plans or rewards with us on Facebook …

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2 Responses to This One’s Fun! And Easy …

  1. Tony Frith says:

    Helo dear Jennie,
    On of te notable highlights in my life wa when I walked into Amzin Business Seminar and you were the first person I met.
    Thank you for your four steps for the first week of 2014. just reread them and followed up o them. The information in them is so valuable that I am signing up as one of your 1000 troopers to help you reach the magic million.
    Today is the first day of the moon calendar (Chinese) so, since the horse brings prosperity it is appropriate to share some.
    Tony Frith

    • Jennie Brown says:

      Tony, it is so good to hear from you! Bless you!

      It was a pleasure to meet you and I’ve enjoyed our chats.

      Thank you so much for being so generous and willing to be one of the 1000 donors donating $1000 to raise a million dollars for Project50!

      Always remember, YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE!

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