Visiting our sponsored children in Africa

Hi there …

Several years ago Warren and I found ourselves in the heart of deepest, darkest Africa. In the middle of the night we landed at Dakar in Senegal, which is on the West Coast of Africa.

Now this is a very interesting “airport”. It is very hot and humid, nobody speaks English, there are people milling around, and everyone is totally focused on the only two white people to get off the plane. More to the point, they are totally focused on how they can “help” these visitors to their country.

Why, you ask, would we be landing in Senegal in the middle of the night? Well, let me tell you, that’s a question my calm, unadventurous husband is still asking himself, even now! And more to the point, he’s still asking himself how his crazy, adventure loving wife talked him into it!

We sponsor four children in Senegal, and we were there to visit them. We were in for an adventure that took us to places where people had never seen white people, let alone my red hair and fair skin! We were constantly amused as we watched children and adults trip over themselves as they did a double take when they saw us! Their beautiful big black eyes would become so huge as they took in these weird looking humans!

Unfortunately for Warren, the only mistake our child sponsorship hosts made during our entire visit, was to not pick us up at the Airport when we arrived …

So, while I went off with a supposed “tourist support guard” to make a phone call at 2am to our hosts, Warren was left to fend off dozens of helpful hands and persuasive taxi drivers who were very curious about the two trolley loads of bags full of gifts for our sponsored children and their villages.

After a very precarious taxi ride through dark roads we arrived at our “motel”. Things were so bad at this stage that Warren declared he was on the first plane out in the morning. That’s when I had to break it to him, gently, of course, that we could only fly out twice a week, and the next plane wasn’t due for another three days …

After a few hours sleep, we were woken by a phone call! Our hosts were downstairs to take us further on our journey – another 4 or 5 hours by four wheel drive into the country.

Well, after that, everything was MUCH better! We were treated like royalty. Songs were written about us and sung, whole villages came together to meet us, chiefs gathered, dances were performed, speeches were given, gifts were presented.

It was a very emotional experience, to say the least. These people – who had NOTHING – lived outside, ate outside, slept in bare mud huts, often on the floor – gave us everything they could – mostly their love and gratitude, but even some physical gifts. They had no money, yet they still found ways to give to us. And they were so happy!

This past year there’s been a lot of doom and gloom around. Interest rates going up, then going down because of economic problems – there’s even been mention of the “R” word (ouch).

If you constantly think negative thoughts, worry about bad outcomes, and dwell on the bad things, they will come to pass. You will think yourself into a reality of doom and gloom.

Instead of being negative and worried about our futures, let’s start being positive and certain. Because here’s the truth – we are SO well off!

Focus on the positive, find something to be grateful for every day, and be thankful for all the amazing things in your life – you will always find blessings.

If you’re having trouble finding something to be grateful for, just remember the beautiful people of Senegal who have nothing. Here’s a couple of ideas to get you started …

Food, freedom, family, opportunity, toilets, money, abundance, beds …

Child sponsorship makes a huge difference that is timeless and very long reaching. At 10% of every sale goes to supporting children in both Africa and Thailand. This means that every time you attend a seminar, join our mentoring program, buy a product, or even purchase property from us, you are helping to support our “kids”! This year, because of your support, we’ve been able to sponsor two more children, in Thailand.

So, on behalf of our kids, thank you! And if you’d like to express your own gratitude by helping out these kids, you can of course sign up for a seminar! Better still, you could sponsor your own child, or give a donation to a child sponsorship organization to help out.

You will not only bless the child, but their families, their communities, and their country.

Bless ya!

Jennie Brown

PS We sponsor our children through World Vision. For more information check out

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